Water Feature Inspiration

Add drama, relaxation and beauty to your pool.

From relaxing waterfalls, to streaming laminars, Blue Water Poos Service is your local water feature specialist serving St. Louis and the suburbs.

Sheer Arc™ Rain

Sheer Arc Rain waterfalls provide streams of water that project up at 45 degrees and then naturally arcs and descends to the pool surface. Sheer Arc Rain waterfalls can be positioned just above the waterline and the fall projects up from the unit at a 45° angle and then naturally arcs and descends to the pool surface.


A captivating waterfall for any new, remodeled, or existing pool or spa The Sheer Descent waterfall produces a clear arc of water that has a wide range of water effects that can easily be adjusted to suit any mood or environment. You can choose a silent, a glass-like sheet of water, or a rushing mountain waterfall! The clear arc of water projects away from the pool wall and is available in lengths from eight inches (8″) to eight feet (8′).


Add grace and elegance to your pool landscape The MiniJet® is designed to project a precision stream of water at a 45-degree angle of trajectory for a distance of up to 13 feet from the deck or under the coping. Available for in-ground pools with colors that match the most popular pool finishes.

Let Us Automate Everything!

With custom Hayward pool automation systems, we can allow you to control every water feature, light and piece of equipment with the push of a button.

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